Land, Sea & Islands Centre – design update

A few weeks ago we took up presentation boards showing two options for how the Land, Sea & Islands Centre – a heritage and local information hub in the west coast village of Arisaig – could be refurbished and extended.

After receiving lots of useful feedback on the ideas (click here to view) we’ve prepared a single design that incorporates as many of these comments as possible, and the presentation board for this is now on view in the Centre until 11th July. As before we’re looking for as much constructive feedback as possible before then so that the design can be tweaked before a planning application is submitted.

There’s no substitute for seeing the boards in person, but if you’re unable to do this please do visit Arisaig Community Trust’s website, where you can download a PDF of the board. Alternatively click here.



Project in the news


Thanks to Kirsty Maguire for sending on this link to the Press & journal’s coverage of the Land, Sea & Islands Centre project, which we’re working on at the moment: Following public consultation and feedback on initial design options (click here to view comments) we’re developing a single design in more detail, which will be on display in the Centre from 20th June for two weeks.

Get along for a look and comment if you can!