Project completion (sort of) photos – Urquhart Farm Cottages

Had a nice hour and bit earlier today at one of my first projects, on the edge of Dunfermline, taking a few photos. Worrying how many turned our blurry when I got back to check them at the office…maybe should lay off the coffee before trying to focus too hard this sort of thing. (The last shot is of the adjacent farm sheds: precedent for the use of corrugated fibre cement used on the public side to the extension.)




New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone! (Never very sure when that becomes a bit passé…) Hope you’re all on the 2014 diets and enjoying a week of hard exercise before realising that, actually, it’s freezing out there and, OMG, what on earth am I doing in lycra?

It’s off to a flying start here…managed to get a last dash application in to Climate Challenge Fund, fielded a very exciting sounding query for a new house in the Borders and even had an approach about a new house in Cambridgeshire – all before even settling down to check the backlog of festive emails.

Shouldn’t get too carried away though, January’s typically a lean month for us all so better get the head down and do some paid work. All the best for the next twelve months.