Business funding success


Following a suspicious email from wifey in which Business Gateway Fife were apparently offering match-funding grants (not loans, amazingly) for ‘creative businesses in Fife’, through their Create in Fife Fund, it seemed worth applying to find out what was involved. Hey presto, two weeks later, with mucho help from the wonderful folk at Business Gateway Fife (and particularly Dave Howie) I’m typing this from a shiny new Macbook Pro and am about to order a brand new copy of Vectorworks!

Free money? Not exactly, but certainly cheaper than a bank loan…



Urquhart Farm Cottage – man, do we have a good builder…


Isn’t it neat?!

Progress on the extension outside Dunfermline…the builder for the project, Derek MacDonald of DM Joinery, has been doing a fab job of fitting the sheepswool and then fixing the 35mm thk Isolair to the outside of the frame to reduce the thermal bridging. The joints between the boards are really tight: I even found that he’d cut a sliver of board to perfectly fit the gap left between two boards that didn’t meet exactly! (There’s a bit of squirty foam at a couple of tiny joints which he promises he’s going to cover with tape too.)

Since this pic was taken the windows have been fitted and the air-tightness membrane has started to go on. Air-tightness test should be in the next couple of weeks or so. Looking forward to seeing what happens. If the membrane’s fitted as well as everything else then we might be in for a pleasant surprise…(famous last words…)



Roshven View – Progress



Timber frame up (courtesy of Hugh and Ian) on the extension to Mum and Dad’s house; I’ll be taking up the Timbervent internal sheathing on Monday and the woodfibre external insulation and air-tightness membrane are due to arrive on Wednesday…just had a quote of £550 for doing air-tightness tests on this and the house to find out where the leaks are – is it worth it?? Hmmm…I wonder if it’s worth just getting a few folk together to invest in some kit so we can test our own jobs whenever we need.

Looking forward to seeing the lovely alu-clad Nordan windows arriving in a couple of weeks (in obligatory architect-grey RAL 7037, naturally). 


It’s odd, isn’t it, how we can get so excited over our inconsequential little creations.